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Changing Brands

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

A blog about moving from Photo For My Wall to Andy MacDougall - Unique Moments Captured

Moving your internet brand is a huge decision! I've been known as Photo For My Wall for around a decade, have nearly 50 blog articles and have had over 800,000 page views, but the trouble is it's a brand name that sounds like I sell knock off postcards, when really what I'm about is making photographs that are

  • personal to me; and

  • images that I think others will enjoy.

So I've decided to change (the old site will be decommissioned on 2nd June 2021) and make it more personal in general. It's no small task this though as there is a lot to think about when you change your internet presence:

  • The cost of a new URL - actually, pretty cheap

  • Creating a new website - A pain to do but a great opportunity to update things and be more representative of my current images

  • Loss of SEO for the site - I had 800k visitors on Photo For My Wall!

  • I've got about 100 unused old brand Business Cards that will need binned

  • Links on other websites to ask to have updated

  • Increased hosting costs (doubled!)

If you are considering doing a similar exercise, I thoroughly recommend planning what you actually want, before jumping in feet first.

So why do it?

Photo For My Wall was ideal when I was starting out as the site was easy to create and cheap to host - I had initial naive thoughts about making my fortune selling my images via the site. But reality has bitten. I'm not a salesman, I'm an artist, and to sell landscape photographs you REALLY have to push your inner-salesman forward - that's just not me. I'm happy to sell an image if approached, to help fund this RIDICULOUSLY expensive passion but the reason I take photographs is to be outside, absorbing the land into my consciousness, feeling alive and flushing away the stresses of life - and most importantly for me, creating.

So this site feels more true to myself. Creating images, showcasing the ones I'm proud of and providing a means for people who are interested in my images to get in touch. On this page I will organise images into portfolios, keep a record of successes, advertise exhibitions and of course, I'll have a go at blogging.

I hope you enjoy it.

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