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Project - Verticals

As time has gone by I realise that I am most drawn in landscape photography to "tall" images. I think this is because of a couple of reasons. First I really enjoy tying an image together - using interest in the foreground to anchor a shot, transitioning across the middle ground and using that to guide the eye to the background. Secondly, I often find that my favourite subjects are essentially tall - trees, mountains and urban architecture. Refining this thinking, I decided to try and take this a little further by adopting a 2:1 ratio pano on the vertical - after all, wall space in most people's homes is limited, and a space that may support a traditional pano could actually display 2 of these vertical panos.


This Project is in development, I'll add images here as it unfolds and once it's complete... well I don't know yet. Perhaps a book, a calendar, or an exhibition beckons.  Check back in on me and I hope you enjoy watching it evolve.

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