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S    U    R    F    A    C    E    S

Photography is often about just a moment, the transition between infinite past and infinite future. One manifestation of this transition is in surfaces, where a physical state (gas, liquid, solid) visibly begins.
I seek  in this project to display in 2 dimensions, the 3 dimensional world and how it is impacted by yet further dimensions of time, temperature and even personal perception. ​
​So below, is a project in development. Exploring different types  of surfaces - in different physical states that challenged me to see them consciously and presented me with the further challenge of photographing them in a way that held my interest. 
This is very much a work in progress and I'll add images here as it unfolds. Some of the images have had some recognition already, winning or doing well in competitions, or I have exhibited them individually, but ultimately I want this to be a full body of work. The trouble is, I have no idea what will mark it complete. The enjoyment of course though, comes from the exploration. I'm happy to have you along watching this grow.,


Solid State

Rock is the easiest of the surfaces to depict - it rarely moves, is full of natural textures and is packed with unexpected little visual treats when you look closely.


Solid State - Transition

For me, ice represents the transition from liquid to solid, and it's a joy to photograph. I'm at my happiest in the cold and finding shapes is great fun.



The surface of water is invisible but still possesses incredible visual properties where the surface tension is broken or supports objects, or simply by reflecting light.


Liquid - Transition

The state between gas and liquid, when the elements move from the invisible to the visible.

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