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Grand Panos

Sometimes, you just want a really big, wide grand vista. This portfolio scratches that itch.

Snowfall at Loch Lubnaig

Lubnaig Snow - Coming back from the Rannoch Moor in white out conditions, I was probably the most scared I've ever been while driving. Even then, as I detected the snow slowing a little as I passed Lubnaig, I couldn't let the opportunity slip by, knowing that these trees lined the River Balvaig at the entrance to the Loch. I pulled in, shot hand held and left, while I still could.

Carron Valley Reservoir on a misty night

Carron Valley Reservoir, overflowing it's banks and submerging trees, long after the sun had set and mist started to condense above the water.

A panoramic image of Lochan Ha N-achlaise by award winning Scottish landscape photographer Andy MacDougall. This image featured in the Natural Landscape Photography Awards year book of 2022.

Lochan Na h-Achlaise - taken at dawn during a snow-fall in fog. The temperature hovering at the thaw point, and the ice on the lochan just starting to melt in patches. You just don't get conditions like this very often.

Mist over Loch Lubnaig

Lubnaig Mist - Every year I pass Loch Lubnaig at least once and I always try to get an image. It's interesting to see different conditions on the loch but also, for me, to see how differently I approach it as the years go by.

Pastel colours at Loch Rannoch

Loch Rannoch, looking across to the Buachaille Etiive Mor from Kinloch Rannoch just after sunset in the middle of summer. Wonderful calm colours bouncing off everything in the after glow of the day.

Blue hour at Loch Toscaig from the Beallach Na Ba

A cold evening atop the Bealach na Bà on the Applecross Peninsula, looking across Loch Toscaig to Glamaig, the highest of the Red Hills on the Isle of Skye,

Glen Affric in autumn light

Loch Affric at day break in Autumn. An unforgettable view taken as the sunlight cleared surrounding hills and slanted across the scene, saturating the autumnal colours. 

Loch Arklet with sunset behind the Arrochar Alps.

Loch Arklet, looking out to the wonderful Arrochar Alps at sunset. Always remember to pack your midgie net!

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