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I love the act of photography and even if no one else ever saw my images I would still be out there at every opportunity trying to create images that I could be personally proud of.   But when I hear that others have enjoyed my images it gives me a real boost, that it's "not just me".


Below are some links to pages where my images have been highlighted and in the spirit of building a photographic community and of promoting landscape photography in Scotland, please visit the pages and enjoy the work of others mentioned there too. If you spot any "dead links" please let me know.  

Scottish Nature Photography Awards (SNPA) - The 2019 results page for this well run national competition has provided a view of my image "Incoming", which was awarded 2nd Place in the Sea & Coast Category of the competition. Another link to the Natural Abstract category results, where "Oxides" is discussed (awarded 2nd Place in that category), is at this link. 

On Landscape Magazine - A great write up of the Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers inaugural exhibition in 2017 at the Limetree Gallery in Fort William, featuring select images including Harris Blue

Picture Frames Express - I was asked to provide an interview for Picture Frames Express regular feature on photographers of all styles. Happy to help these guys to as I have used their frames often and am amazed at how accurate their frames cutting is and how quickly they arrive. 

Extraordinary Vision Magazine - Sadly there is no link to this as the magazine, while still available as back issues, appears to have stopped publishing. Which is a great shame as for a long time it was free and had great articles by some of the top outdoor photographers in the world. I got a double page spread with "Bowfiddle Sunrise" - it would have been nice to have linked to it.

The Society of Scottish Landscape Photographers - What a great group this is! It's a collective of some of the best photographers of the Scottish landscape currently active, formed for professionals and top quality amateurs, and participants include many national and international awards winners, major company ambassadors and nationally published photographers. I've been active in the group since 2016 and this is my main route to exhibiting. I'm lucky enough to have a few images scattered through it's web pages.  

Natural Landscape Photography Awards - This is an absolutely awesome open international competition which started in 2021 and that attracts photographers of the highest calibre. I represents landscape photographers who recognize the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world and places the emphasis on composition and ethical/ecological practices in field craft more than on digital manipulation and popular locations. Landscape Photography has been crying out for the public awareness of this approach. I was honoured to be asked to contribute a double page panorama for the Volume 2 book in 2022  - the link takes you to a  webpage where the PDF of this can be purchased - my image on see pages 24 & 25 of the preview interactive graphic.


Photography is just one of the Visual Arts that I am interested in and there are so many cross overs between mediums that I think it's useful to collaborate wherever possible. Photography has allowed me to make contacts I otherwise never would have and so, below are links to artists that I have had the privilege to chat with, work with or who have simply inspired me:

Catherine De Ryck - Catherine is a highly acclaimed Belgian watercolour artist  - she has visited and painted in Scotland many times and I was delighted to help her out by supplying one of my images of Glen Etive as source material for a painting that she was working on having visited the glen previously. We have a mutual love of the weird lines in rocks that give them all their character, as she so beautifully captured in the glen in this painting

Colin Reid - Colin is a fantastic and internationally exhibiting Glass Sculptor - you NEED to check out his work, it's other worldly and just blows my mind. I've always had a love for glass and although I once designed some glassware I've never had the chance to actually work with it. Colin visited one of my exhibitions in Fort William which gave me the opportunity to find out about his own work.

The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop - I'm leaving a link here to the ESW because they are a little known but incredibly laudible organisation. This is where I cut my teeth in sculpture myself, knocking lumps out of wood with chisels and it was very nearly the direction I went in creatively before I found photography again. I wasn't very good at it but it was SO satisfying and the ESW were so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

Potter Around - Around 2017 I became a bit obsessed with throwing stoneware pottery thanks to a gift of a pottery lesson at Potter Around. Karen was so friendly and helpful and encouraging! Within the first few minutes I'd thrown a flanged bowl (very small!) and shaping the clay felt so natural to me. I was hooked, karen gave me access to her studio while I practiced before buying my own treadle wheel off eBay. I moved up to the shimpo wheel I have now and converted my garden shed to a pottery studio. Wheel thrown pottery is my creative retreat when I have a photographic "lull". 

Kirsty McDiarmid- As well as creating beautiful work, Kirsty teaches oil painting and pottery, and was a font ofknowledge for me when starting out in pottery. She even kindly fired some of my work while I was saving for a kiln - check out her work, I'm having my coffee out of one of her cups as I write this.

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