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As a landscape photographer you quickly realise that driving for 6 hours to get 1 photograph is a very bad idea - it's expensive and it's un-ecological and ultimately can be utterly frustrating, as landscape images demand a high degree of adaptability to the conditions. We have no control over the weather, only how we react to it.

By maintaining a few streams of thought via projects, I find I can usually find something at the end of a long drive that fits one of the projects that I have running at any given time. If I'm lucky I can find a number of images that take me in different creative directions. All of this, coupled with just the sheer enjoyment of being outdoors with the temperature, wind, rain, hail, snow or sunshine hitting my face (sometimes all of the above), makes every trip "worth it".  I've been out in all conditions, sometimes without even getting the camera out of the bag, and I can honestly say that I've never regretted a single trip - I always get something from it, even if it's just numb fingers and chapped (but smiling) lips.

The images below will take you to the projects I have in progress or have recently completed - I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed building them.

Pastel colours over Scottish loch, Loch Rannoch. This is a link to a project of images where colours in the landscape are more important than form.
A Devilish View from the Devils Staircase
Ice bubbles in a puddle making an abstract form of a reclining person.
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