Project - Surfaces

Photography is often about a split second, a moment in time, the transition between the infinite past and the infinite future. The visible manifestations of this concept in the environment are surfaces. Where a state (gas, liquid, solid) begins, where it can be experienced, but this transition edge is also the layer that often hides what is below.

I often hear the greatest challenge for photographers as being depicting a 3 dimensional scene in 2 dimensions (a flat screen or piece of paper), but actually it strikes me that we are still depicting scenes in 3D, but translated from 4D - the 4th dimension being time, which unconsciously swims past us, but is consciously photographed. As photographers we nearly always consider it - the time to take the image, the length of time the shutter is open  and the effect of that visually on the image.

I wanted to create a project that moved explored moving a little away from the unique moment element and instead concentrated on unique forms, captured in physical states. My mind was kind of boggling at the concept and so, I've decided to start simple, taking this down from the 4th dimension (time) to a basic 2 dimensions. Perhaps 3 dimensions comes next, I'm not sure yet, but it will probably be a lot of fun exploring the concept. 

So below, is a project in development. Exploring four surfaces - rock, sand, ice and water. Perhaps I should add clouds and gases to complete a hierarchy of decreasingly solidity... I'll think on that later. For now though, here is what I have so far. Some of these images may be swapped out for others if I prefer them, but the goal is to have 16 images in a grid, of four smaller grids of four. It just seems neater that way for me.


I'll add images here as it unfolds and once it's complete... well I don't know yet, I may move on to another series  or two, based on time or on gases. I might even go all weird and do something really abstract to illustrate ephemeral thoughts. Maybe too far. But the enjoyment comes from the exploration. Watch this space.